Birth and Postpartum Doula Services Serving North Central West Virginia and South Western Pennsylvania

How long is a postpartum doula shift?

Daytime shifts are a minimum of 5 hours. Nighttime shifts are a minimum of 10 hours starting no earlier than 7 PM.


What if I am not sure if I want daytime or night time support?

Our packages are based on the amount of hours, not when they are used. If you realize you would like support at a different time of day than initially expected, we can adjust our scheduling.


How much should I budget for a postpartum doula?

Days can be purchased individually if you are unsure of how much support you would like but the more you purchase, the more you save. $3800-$5000 will provide help several times a week plus several nightshifts over a 6 week period. Adding doula services to your gift registry or wish list is also a great way to let your friends give the gift of relaxation and recovery. Insert the following link in your registry: BEYOND THE BUMP EGIFT


Is there a referral program?

Yes, we love that you want to tell others about Beyond The Bump! For current clients, 1 free hour will be earned per new client that contracts with us. For non-clients who provide a referral, a local gift card will be given as a thank you. No limit to how many you can earn!


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Helping expectant parents with great postpartum support is a wonderful gift. Buy them HERE 


We just adopted. Are doula services for us?

Absolutely! Besides your hearts and home becoming more full, so has your daily routines! We can help in whatever aspects you’d like such as educational and emotional support, infant care including feeding and soothing techniques and help around the house.


What is the difference between a postpartum doula and a nanny or babysitter?

A postpartum doula has specialized training in giving support to the whole family, especially the mother as she recovers from birth and as the baby adjusts to life on the outside. We are trained in various feeding techniques, sleep guidance and other aspects of infant care. A postpartum doula also helps with various tasks in the home such as light housework and sibling care. On the other hand, a nanny typically gives care exclusively for the infant.


Will having a birth doula make my birthing partner feel unneeded?

No. In addition to the excitement of bringing baby into this world, labor can also be frightening at times for both the mother and companion who is not used to seeing one in pain. A birth doula can help maintain a calm environment with reassurances and important support as the mother’s body prepares for birth. She is trained to never take over but provides constant support and reassurance to both mother and partner throughout the entire labor and delivery.


Can I choose medication for pain if I have a birth doula?

Absolutely! A doula does not make any medical choices, nor discourage you from them. She offers continuous, nonjudgemental support for your choices. She can also help you stay informed of your options during this exciting but often frightening time. Her goal is to help you have the birth experience you want.


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