Birth and Postpartum Doula Services Serving North Central West Virginia and South Western Pennsylvania

Birth Doula

A trained doula provides emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor and delivery for both you and your companion. Research shows that women who have continuous labor support are less likely to use pain medications or have C-sections. They also tend to have shorter, more satisfying birth experiences. Some fathers may worry a doula will take over his role as the main support person. This is not the case, however. A doula supports him as well, helping him to navigate the different stages of labor and ways to help. After all, he is the expert on your relationship; a doula is an expert on birth. Together, we can provide exceptional support! Choosing a birth doula is choosing a trained companion who will be with both of you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!


At Beyond The Bump, you are the author of your birth story. We want to hear your goals and offer nonjudgmental support as we help you achieve them. Let’s discuss your vision together!


  • Having a birth doula enhances the birth experience
  • Nonjudgemental support of your birthing preferences
  • Continuous emotional and physical comfort and support through all stages of labor
  • Support and guidance for your birthing compainion
  • C-section support
  • According to Mayo Clinic, may decrease length of labor, decrease use of pain medication, and lower incidence of C-sections